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Avoid being a teller-seller, be a questions asker.
How will you get John and Mary mentally involved if you tell them everything and don’t force them to think now? Become a seeker of information. Questions should be the heart of your presentation. Well structured questions force the client to participate.

The magical thing about precisely worded questions is that they entice the client to really think about the answers they respond with. . By engaging your client, they will become emotionally involved which will result in a sale TODAY! Emotional responses triggered by great questions are key to your sale.

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Congratulations to the Top Performers!

  • Podium Speakers:
  • #1 Phil Gilreath - $182,669
  • #2 Jordan Thompson - $175,226
  • #3 Billl Cate - $166,738

  • Closers:
  • #1 Jordan Thompson - $105,000
  • #2 Phil Gilreath - $94,000
  • #3 Bill Cate - $88,000

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